Sequence Bio welcomes Dr. Ranjit Randhawa as VP, Research, Data Science & Analytics

July 16, 2021

sequence bio welcomes dr. ranjit randhawa as vp, research, data science & analytics

Sequence Bio is excited to welcome Dr. Ranjit Randhawa to our growing team of local and global leaders.

Dr. Randhawa is a data scientist, bioinformatics, and computational biology leader who brings 13 years of experience working for some of the most innovative companies in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, including Pfizer and Novartis.  

As Sequence Bio’s Vice President of Research, Data Science & Analytics, he will lead the continued development of Sequence Bio’s computational and machine learning applications to analyze multi-dimensional data sets in support of the company’s drug target discovery and commercialization efforts. 

His expertise in analytics and visualization, and in enhancing the effectiveness of pharmaceutical development, will be critical to the data science infrastructure powering Sequence Bio’s search for new drug targets to accelerate the development of better, safer medicines and disease treatments.

For Dr. Randhawa, it’s a prime opportunity to uncover new insights about the molecular basis of human diseases.

“My passion is integrating multi-omic data with longitudinal health information to infer new insights into disease biology. Predictive modeling enables us to identify disease-causing genetic variants and how those variants have amplified in populations over time,” he explains.

“The impact beyond the data, and the opportunity to advance disease research and improve people's lives really drew me to the company.”

Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Phillips highlights Dr. Randhawa’s appointment as another important step forward on the pathway to potentially significant scientific discoveries.

“Ranjit is a highly-regarded leader in his field, with years of experience bridging industry partnerships with data-driven research. His extensive work in biotech and pharma makes him a natural fit for our team and our research goals,“ says Dr. Phillips. 

“His leadership will help propel our research forward and realize new opportunities to transform our understanding of human diseases and accelerate the development of new drugs to treat them. We’re thrilled that he’s chosen to join Sequence Bio.”

Dr. Randhawa is looking forward to the stories Sequence Bio’s research will tell, and the impact that work could have in Newfoundland and Labrador and around the world.

“I'm proud to be joining a passionate team who genuinely care about the work that they do and the people they aim to benefit.”

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