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Sequence Bio announces Dr. Kathy Hudson as Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

September 26, 2017

sequence bio announces dr. kathy hudson as chair of scientific advisory board

Sequence Bio CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Gardner, announced today that leading genomics expert Dr. Kathy Hudson has been named as Chair of the company’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Dr. Hudson will offer expertise in population genomics projects to help Sequence Bio advance innovative therapeutic discovery and create meaningful engagement with the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.

In this role, Dr. Hudson joins fellow SAB members Dr. Euan Ashley (Stanford), and Dr. Pek Lum (CEO, Capella Bio), in helping guide Sequence Bio’s planned research and development with strategic advice and expert opinions. Sequence Bio is a homegrown Newfoundland and Labrador company aiming to study the province’s unique genetic makeup with the planned NL Genome Project, and is committed to delivering benefits back to the people of the province. Sequence Bio looks forward to working with Dr. Hudson and the rest of the Scientific Advisory Board to identify the best opportunities to achieve these goals.

From Washington, DC, Dr. Hudson stated, “Sequence Bio has a one-of-kind opportunity to create a unique resource and platform for the development of drugs to improve human health, all while engaging meaningfully with the people of Newfoundland and Labrador. Sequence Bio has a unique approach to participant engagement and is committed to returning benefits to participants and the province, making it a very exciting scientific opportunity. I look forward to offering my guidance and expertise in their globally significant initiatives.”

Dr. Hudson is the CEO of the People-Centered Research Foundation, which aims to accelerate clinical research that is faster and more user friendly for patients and providers. Previously, she spent 8 years leading science policy, legislation, and communications and outreach efforts for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She is the former Deputy Director for Science, Outreach, and Policy and acted as a senior advisor to the NIH Director, creating major new strategic and scientific initiatives including the NIH Precision Medicine Initiative (“All of Us”) which intends to build a precision medicine cohort of 1 million Americans to research how to better treat diseases and patients based on their individual characteristics. Her experience in developing and leading transformational projects of this scale will be instrumental in the growth of Sequence Bio.

Sequence Bio’s Chris Gardner said today, “Dr. Kathy Hudson is a leading expert in large-scale biomedical research projects and understanding the scientific, ethical and social implications of this kind of transformational change in healthcare and drug discovery. Sequence Bio is committed to taking a participant-centric approach to research, and we are excited about the expertise Dr. Hudson will bring.”

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Sequence Bio is a biotechnology company striving to transform drug discovery by researching the one-of-a-kind genetic makeup of Newfoundland and Labrador. The company is committed to taking a participant-centric approach with a world-class privacy and ethics framework that will return benefits and enhance the lives of individuals, families, and communities in Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Preface/disclaimer - Sequence Bio is planning to conduct research in Newfoundland and Labrador, and doing so in an ethical and transparent way is our first priority. Our efforts require approval by the Health Research Ethics Board (HREB). The words "believe","expect","anticipate", and similar expressions, among others, generally identify our intent and/or objective to undertake research in this province and may be subject to change after HREB Review.